5 Tips for Parents of Sports Kids

Throughout this article, we will try to see how to give some tips to parents of sports children with the aim of promoting sports education of our students.

Sports advise for parents with kids

These are some of the guidelines that parents of sports kids should follow in order to contribute to their progress.

1. Behavior: A Father Should Preach By Example

In the world of sports, we get tired of seeing every weekend bad behavior on the part of parents who go to the stands when they go to parties to see their kids. If we want to promote the autonomy of our children, it will be important to maintain the right attitude and calmness.

We cannot forget that children (and therefore not children), when they practice a sport, are developing their personality at the same time. This means that in the face of adversity in the field of play, the child will doubt himself and try to find a ‘friendly face’, which will give him the confidence he is looking for.

If when he sees his father, he finds a father coach does n’t stop to point out the directions of the game negatively, the boy won’t assume control of the situation and certainly won’t be able to make appropriate decisions. Not enough confidence.

If on the contrary, he sees his smiling father, the athlete will assume his athlete’s actions and seek solutions with greater confidence.

5 Tips for Parents of Sports Kids
5 Tips for Parents of Sports Kids


2. Nutritional Control

This second point we’re going to talk about is what coaches and coaches don’t see when kids are at home with their parents, the so-called invisible trainingThere are other points covered here that we’ll talk about later, but we’ll start with the topic of nutrition.

We must control what our children eat throughout the day, especially as they develop sports activities. It is necessary to educate our children to make five meals a day where the diversity of nutrients is the ‘main dish’. You know how to eat everything.

3. Organization of Time

There is no better way to build safety in a child than when he knows when an activity begins and ends. If we want to help our children, it will be necessary to schedule activities to develop strong self -confidence . In addition, it is important to awaken the sense of time, to know the time at which one or another activity takes place.

We also have to take care not to saturate our children with too many curricular activities (English classes, French lessons, swimming, football, basketball, etc.), as we can develop in them. so-called mental fatigueThis can result in the following: falling asleep in class, lack of energy, little attention to teachers, lack of concentration in study, poor school performance, apathy… We should never forget study or free time or game calls.

4. Study

A child who is generally practicing sports usually has problems when he organizes the study time. Either because the training schedule is not the best and they split up in the afternoon or just a waste of time. We parents should teach our children to study allows developing intelligence, which will help develop the qualities of the game with more skills for which he trains.

Establishing a study duration of 45 minutes will allow the child to optimize his study. Knowing the time you need to develop the task will provide more security and motivation to finish it, because you know that once you’re done you’ll have free time to play. If necessary, you can include as many periods of 45 minutes as necessary.

5. Responsibility and Autonomy

This last point we are talking about is fundamental to developing a personality where security, trust and decision-making take the lead.

We must teach our kids to be responsible from a very young age and take on some household chores: making the bed, setting up and removing, choosing our room, making our school bag and sports bag, etc. Along with this, we will take the side of the responsibility of the child.

To conclude, it is essential that both parents and coaches are in the same direction and use play as a motivating method to develop the behaviors that are necessary for his development as an individual. Will provide the child with knowledge.

Parents should instill in their children that getting on the train is a responsibility and a commitment that one has acquired, and that weekend play is a reward for their work and effort, but not just in the field of play. Rather all their functions in the sphere of life (home, school, sports, family, etc.).

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