Five Best Domain Name Registrars

We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies, but if you have an idea about a website, you’ll need a domain name to accompany it. So when it comes time to register this domain name, which domain name registrar do you choose? Who has the best mix of price, features, customer service, and reliability? We asked you which domain name registrars you think are the best and stand out from the crowd, and we’ll take a look at the top five.

Earlier this week, we asked you which domain name registrar you think is the best, especially after the GoDaddy Day Outbreak earlier this week. You answered with dozens of nominees, but we have only five.


The poll is closed and votes are counted! To find out which of your domain name registrars is the best for you, go ahead and read the Hive Five follow-up post and discuss the winner!


Five Best Domain Name Registrars
Five Best Domain Name Registrars



Hoover’s marketplace may not have cheap registration prices, but they have plenty of discount codes on the web for it, customer support – when you call them, a real person answers when the bell rings. Is and gets out of hand. Domain transfers from other hosts. If you are switching to Hoover, they offer a transfer “wallet” service, where they will do everything for you and notify you when you have everything. Their control panel and management tools also earned you praise for being clean and easy to use. You can see all Hoover plans and prices here.


Gandhi is listing the longest of the five domain names here and is known for his baseless approach to domain name registration and renewal. They won’t sell you a bunch of services that you don’t need or don’t need, and they promise to be honest, open, and open with their customers, to mention what they say. Will not mention This fame and his history followed him very well. Okay, and the fact is that every domain registration gets 2 free hosted pages for your site, a free and blog, 1 year SSL certificate, free, email services, and much more. You can see all the features and prices of Gandhi here.

Dream Host

The Dream Dream Host for the best hosting company was your narrow choice, but many of you pointed out that they are also a lot of domain registrars (it helps that most of their hosting plans are also free. Come with registration). Those of you who have nominated DreamHost have noted that it is helpful to keep your hosting and your registration in one place and appreciate DreamHost’s fast customer service, and comprehensive dashboard and management tools. Has gone You can read more about DreamHost’s domain registration services with more details on their wiki here and here. is not the cheapest, but they have aggressive price-cutting plans, fast and usable customer support. also offers “Domain Neighbor” services for snatching expired domains that may be related to your business or site, so if you want the net to run with your .com, name.Com will give you the opportunity to skip before that. Someone else does. When you register, they offer you domain suggestions, whether you like it or not. You can read more about pricing and available TLDs.Now that you’ve seen the first five, it’s time to vote for them to determine the winner.

Mention the respectable 1 and 1 internet this week, many of you have appreciated its excellent pricing, excellent customer support, and easy sign-up, especially if you want your domain name to be with them. To be hosted It is worth noting that 1 and 1 omitted the top five nominees, highlighting the importance of naming your favorites to be included!

Have something to say about a claimant? Want to make a lawsuit of your personal choice, even if it is not included in the list? Remember, the top five are based on the most popular nominations by call in relation to your nominees from the beginning of the weekMake your own case for your favorite alternative in the conversation below.

Hive is based on five reader nominations. Like most hi-fi posts, if your favorite things are leftover, it’s not because we hate them. This is because it could not get nominations in the call for the post of claimants. We think this is a bit of a competition for popularity, but if you have a favorite choice, we want to hear about it. 

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