How to earn money from youtube? ways to earn money from youtube

YouTube is a platform in which millions of people can earn money in many ways. Many people do not know how to earn money from YouTube and they often search by going to another side or asking other people about it, but today we will tell you through this article of ours that from Youtube how to earn money here are many people who are associated with online work in our country and are earning a lot of money by doing many types of work by joining online. Similarly, people are earning money from YouTube channels in many ways.

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How to earn money from youtube? ways to earn money from youtube

how to earn money from a youtube channel 

If we talk about our country India, then the young generation of our country is continuously advancing themselves in this competition generation, but in this era, the competition has increased so much that the student is not able to get a job even after reading and writing. 

In this way, there are many such youths in our country who are unemployed, so they are earning a lot of money by doing many types of work through the internet except education line, earning money from youtube channel for these jobs is a very big job,

 Although money is earned in blogging apart from YouTube channels, in blogging, content has to be written and videos have to be uploaded to the YouTube channel.

There are many youths who leave their studies and are earning lakhs of rupees on YouTube channels by uploading many types of videos like education-related videos, funny videos, cooking recipes to YouTube. 

Some people write many types of content by working in blogging and earning their money from them.

Google Adsense:-

Google Adsense is the first step to earn money from YouTube channel, for this first you have to join YouTube channel program. 

By sharing something, that task is completed very easily  So when you want to work in YouTube, then for this you need to join the YouTube program.

Because the YouTube program will show you the way to do every single activity of the YouTube channel so that you can earn lakhs of rupees.

People can earn money through Google in the YouTube channel, for this YouTube Monetization Criteria has to be fulfilled.

For this, it is necessary to complete more than 1000 subscribers in a year and watch a time of 4000 hours on your channel.

YouTube pays 55% to the creator of the ad and keeps 45% in terms of ads and expressions.

Brand Sponsorship:-

Brand sponsorship is a very important part of aids because any product is advertised through brand sponsorship, which includes the quality of the product, name, use, and the name of the company that makes it.

If any product is added to YouTube’s channel, then along with that product, the company making the product also becomes famous because in today’s generation more people use mobile than TV, in which there are many videos through YouTube. let’s see.

Brand sponsorship is considered very important in digital marketing, through which many types of products are added, different companies promote their products through band sponsorship.  

Companies pay their creators to promote their products inside the video.

The first was Michelle Fall in her early YouTube career through cosmetic ad brand sponsorship.

Fan funding:-

Crores of rupees can be earned in the YouTube channel by increasing the subscriber and viewers. But it depends on how many subscribers and viewers are on your channel. Fan funding means the number of subscribers and viewers of your channels. 

If you have uploaded any of your channels to YouTube and a thousand people have subscribed to your channel, then you are paid a lot of money through the YouTube channel.

Many different types of videos are uploaded by the creators in the YouTube channel, the higher the viewers and subscribers, the more money is given to them. 

Some creators make funny videos, some educational videos and some people upload motivational videos to YouTube, whose subscribers are the most, they are paid accordingly.


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