The role of parents in the education and training of children!

The role of parents in the education and training of children!

The role of the parents is most important in the education and training of the children which starts from the time of birth

. Because of the environment in which he lives and the people he lives in, whatever he sees them doing will be imprinted on his mind like a blank sheet of paper or slate.

The role of parents in the education and training of children!
The role of parents in the education and training of children!


(The mother’s lap is the baby’s first correct place)

Education and training are very important food of the human soul.
When a child comes into the world and opens his eyes, the call to prayer is given in his ears as if his education and training start at that time. Experts say that the child’s brain is blind. It is like paper. The environment in which a child is born, very soon he catches the effect of
the same environment. What kind of environment and what kind of education do we give our children?
From an early age until they come to their senses it is the responsibility of the parents to give their children a good environment and to train them well. Things will be imprinted in their minds as their etiquette and it has a profound effect on the environment.
Above all, parental love for children plays a very important role in the education and training of children. The kindness and love with which you will be treated, your children will also receive such sweet training. There is nothing in the world more than love and compassion.

Now that the child is ready to go to school, he must be provided with basic training in literature, manners, ethics, and good deeds. Parents should make every effort to create a religious and spiritual atmosphere in their homes. Parents should be very careful when deciding which toy to give their children to play with. The

home environment is the most important factor that has a profound effect on a child’s life. From the very beginning, it depends on the parents who meet all their needs. The parents are the first teachers of the children and play the role of role model for them.

Many children are lucky to have a home environment. There is a very conducive environment full of parental love and compassion and it is a very important guarantee of success of children.

If parents want to see how successful they are in their life, they can gauge it by looking at the training of their children. There are real scalesChildren should be allowed to use parental supervised social media with a few precautions.

When a child reaches the age of 10 or 12, the responsibilities of parents should also change. Parents should become friends with their children at this age and guide them in the right path.
This is the age when children are thriving in all respects. At this age children should be closely monitored for their movements. Children should be made aware of certain crimes and incidents of violence with great care,

There is a golden saying that if children become good friends at home then children will be saved from bad friends outside. One of the blessings of Allah is a great blessing and it is the responsibility of parents to protect it.
Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: O you who believe! And there are stones

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