The trend of mobile use in children. What should parents do?

 At present, the use of mobile phones and other screens such as computers, laptops, TVs and tablets in children has increased tremendously. And growing more and more. This is especially the case after “Code 19 Lockdown”. That children do not want to live without screens and mobiles. The term teenager was once used. Now the children have become screen agers. Parents and guardians seem to be very upset because of the screen addiction or screen addiction of the children in this way. Due to such misuse of screen, the general life of the children is also becoming unbalanced.

It is important to note here that mobile is not a bad thing in itself. Rather, its use makes it good or equal. We can give an example of this with the knife and its use. That we can do our own benefit by cutting vegetables with a knife and on the other hand, by cutting off someone’s ear or nose with the same knife, God willing, someone can also be harmed. In the same way, a smart mobile phone is also good. 

In this article we will first explain the disadvantages of unnecessary use of screen, especially mobile screen. Then we will give some tips for the convenience of parents and guardians. Using which they can discipline their children regarding mobile usage. The following are some of the disadvantages of misusing mobile phones. 

The trend of mobile use in children. What should parents do?
The trend of mobile use in children. What should parents do?



There is an imbalance in the behavior of children

Man is known by his habits and attitudes, if the habits are good and the attitudes are beautiful then the chances of success in life increase and he deserves to be called a good person otherwise he is not. A successful person works hard to improve their habits and attitudes. If children use too much screen, their behavior begins to become unbalanced. Therefore, in order to balance the behavior of children, it is necessary to stop the misuse of mobile screens. 


Imbalance in social life

Another major disadvantage of misusing mobile phones is that the child becomes unbalanced in terms of social relationships. People with whom it is necessary to have strong relationships in life become weak, sometimes the child is cut off from society and becomes lonely. Which can be extremely detrimental to his practical life.

Suffering from anger and irritability

Excessive use of the screen keeps the human brain concentrated in one place for a long time, which overwhelms the brain and makes the person prone to anger and irritability. In particular, there are some video games that contain fights The child is influenced by them when he sees them playing. And he also becomes a fighter.

Lack of sleep and running away from studies

One of the major disadvantages of screen addiction is that a person addicted to the screen loses his sleep. He has a video or a game playing in his brain all the time, even before and during sleep. Being awake makes her sleepy. Now it is clear that due to lack of sleep, he avoids all the activities of the world and runs away from studies as a child. Appetite disappears and fatigue increases. Also, sitting in the same position drunk on the screen, his back also begins to bend.

Exercise ends

Exercise is very important for the physical and mental health of a person in which a lot of sweat comes out and depression is released. But a child with a mobile screen addiction also loses physical exercise, leaving the child physically and psychologically unbalanced.

Disinterest in education and adverse effects on academic outcomes

It is a common observation and also scientific research that the human brain can focus on one thing at a time. When a child chooses a smartphone for his or her engagement and stays intact with it, disinterest in education and adverse effects on results are inevitable.

  Access to pornographic material from the Internet

If the child has a smartphone and is also connected to the Internet, then access to pornographic material is a must. Parents, considering their children innocent, ignore this highly sensitive issue, which can be dangerous. The result is that at first the child may not be inclined towards these things in the cycle of games and videos, but when the child is exposed to such obscene things again and again, his curiosity increases and he clicks on it. Now the Internet algorithm, according to its rules, begins to open even more pornographic material in front of this child.

This pornography becomes a poison for the innocence of this child. As time goes on, the child becomes fully interested in these wrong things. He gets involved in things that are obscene and immoral and cause sexual arousal in him even before his natural age. Thus the child becomes an adult before maturity and starts looking for the wrong path of self-satisfaction by giving up the search for purpose in life.   

 The trend of religion aversion to smartphones

Children are our ethnic continuity. It is the duty of Muslim parents to teach their children faith and religion. May Allah, the Prophet, the Qur’an and other religious rites as well as love of Islamic values ​​be instilled in their hearts. Cultivate religious values ​​in their lives. This is what Muslim parents want to do. But unfortunately the worst obstacles in the face of all this are the ungodly content on smartphones and the internet and the video games that insult religious rites and formally take their love and importance away from the hearts of children and the new generation in an imperceptible way. An attempt is made.

To understand this, I would like to give an example here. For example, in video games, one has to look for an evil character or an enemy. The door is shown exiting. Or in another example, during the search, copies of the Holy Quran are displayed in the washroom.

Children are no longer able to distinguish between good and bad. By watching these scenes, the importance of these sacred things disappears from the hearts of the children in an imperceptible way. The emotional connection of the new generation with these sacred things decreases. The result of which will be revealed later but this SIM killer is inculcated in the minds of our generation through mobile phones and internet. When the parents are satisfied that the child is playing a game on the mobile, it does not matter. Parents need to be very careful in this regard.   

How can parents protect their children from mobile screen addiction?

Parents should keep in mind that at this time we cannot completely take away mobile phones from children. Otherwise children will consider you as their enemy and may take any wrong path to get it. And another reason is that due to the situation in Corona, educational activities of schools and other educational institutions have become online which Because of this, smart phones have come into the hands of children long before the time.

At the moment, it is up to the parents to be careful about handing over the mobile phones to their children. Discipline yourself and your children in this regard, minimize its use as much as possible and set a regular time when it is necessary to use it. And parents must keep checks and controls on their children’s mobiles when they are used.

Here are some tips to help parents figure out how to make this possible. By following these tips, parents can solve this problem for themselves and their children.

 Offer parental gadrol modeling

The secret of good parenting or good training is that parents present good role modeling to their children. Parents are the real teachers and mentors of children. Children try to adapt to what they see their parents doing. Therefore, even if the children have to be disciplined with regard to mobile phones, the parents will start on their own. They should first keep a check and balance on themselves. Do not use it yourself except when necessary and talk to the children at home about the dangers and concerns of unnecessary use of mobiles mentioned above. With good role modeling, God willing, fifty percent of these problems will be corrected anyway.

Talk to children about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

The second thing parents should do after self-control is to make their children aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Write them an article on the benefits of good use. Also write an article about the disadvantages of abuse which will give children a chance to think about this topic. Write to your children and help them to find out the disadvantages in addition to the disadvantages mentioned above.

Once the children have written on this topic, make a summary of it and discuss it with the summary or summary in front of them. Parents should try to listen to their children more than they tell themselves. In this way, the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones and the Internet can be realized. And by putting these things in their hearts and minds, we can ask them to be careful too.   

 Make rules for all household chores and routine tasks

Until the rules are made for all the activities of the house round the clock, then there will be trouble for the house anyway. For example, what are the times for sleeping? What will be the times of eating and drinking, prayers and recitation? Also, to regulate the use of mobile phones or other screens in addition to cooking, house cleaning and other chores, all the members of the household should make rules together and then start following these rules. May this problem be solved to a great extent. Will  

 Set Better Engagement and Hobbies for Kids

One of the best ways to get rid of children addicted to smartphones and other screens is for parents to look for other hobbies or hobbies besides using mobile phones for their children. Be reduced For example, children can be given the responsibility of growing and caring for plants at home. Or keeping a pet in the house can give the child a way to engage. Or an arrangement of physical exercise and physical game can be made. By engaging in it the child can keep himself busy. In this way he can save himself a lot from the glitches of mobile screen and internet. 

Some helpful mobile apps

This is a technology that has some advantages and some disadvantages. The benefits of mobile phones are not meant to be mentioned here, as everyone knows. But there are numerous side effects or disadvantages that are the subject of this article. Screen addiction is harmful to both children and adults but if children are addicted then their parents and guardians are not only responsible for it but also have a duty to try to prevent it.

Numerous apps are also available for the prevention of mobile misuse with the help of which parents and guardians can protect their children from misuse of mobile. These apps can be downloaded to your mobile from the mobile Play Store. And then with their help you can try to stop any of your child’s mobile activity while keeping track of it. Here are some of the mobile apps given below, download it to your mobile and keep track of your children’s every activity 24 hours a day. ۔

Spyzie app

Trackit app

MSpy app

And finally, the most important thing is to turn to Allah. Parents should pray to Allah for their children. In this time of tribulations, supplication is the greatest weapon of a Muslim. Nothing can mislead him whom Allah guides and if Allah does not guide him then Abu Jahl Khan was born in the Ka’bah and remained unlucky. May Allah make this task easy for us and bless our generation with the light of guidance. Amen   


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